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The Mogul Club was founded October 2016 by Bernardo McGraw (Jay McGraw) in Baltimore, Maryland. The motive behind the name is to create and encourage confidence within oneself to achieve anything you want in life. The CEO Jay McGraw has run three other businesses. The one that inspired The Mogul Club was M.A.M. Records. Looking up to people like Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Master P and Jay-Z has helped motivate me, by showing me that by using other avenues other than music you can run a successful business. What sets The Mogul Club apart from other clothing lines is the message behind the brand. The powerful message “Your Brand is Your Future” and “Believe + Confidence = Excellence” are the slogans behind the<br /> brand.
The Mogul Club is geared to inspiring people to see the importance of believing in themselves, working hard and giving it all you’ve got to achieve progress. Working hard and smart will allow your future to look great. The Mogul Club does a weekly segment called The Mogul of the week which highlight other local business owners and community activist. The Mogul Club will be using a portion of the proceeds to give back to the communities through events and donations.